Easy science experiments for kids with the Quirkles.

Easy Science Experiments For Kids! Meet The Quirkles.

Watch this video on The Quirkles and see how great these funny little scientists and their cool, simple, fun, and easy science experiments for kids are!

Make your kids crazy for fun science experiments with The Quirkles. These silly scientists are ready to teach kids some important lessons about science and phonics. For a subject maligned and disliked by so many elementary teachers, parents, and students alike, science is certainly important! Even more important are easy science experiments for kids. Can you imagine a day without checking the weather forecast? Or a world without antibiotics? How about life without computers, automobiles, cell phones, or televisions? How can we not be enthralled by all the “miracles” of modern science? How can we afford not to instill excitement for science in our children?

Inquiry based science education helps us teach children to break free from there cocoon's and  “fly.” We can’t begin to anticipate all the things they are going to need to know in the years ahead. Our primary job as educators is to prepare them for a lifetime of learning and critical thinking. What does that better than inquiry based science? Asking questions, experimenting, observing, making adjustments, and doing it again….isn’t that all part of living life successfully? The Quirkles® are an easy way to start kids on that path of inquiry.

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